Friday, 29 April 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 28:04:2016.

This is the final broadcast from the SoundArt Studio based in Higher Close, Dartington Estate. As of May 18 SoundArt Studios will be broadcasting live from Studio 4, Space Studios, Dartington Estate. A far bigger premise with room for live performance recordings and roundtable chit-chat. Exciting times.
Higher Close was a great space with lovely views over Dartmoor and I could often hear the chugging and hooting from the steam trains that run between Buckfastleigh and Totnes, great ambience / ambiance to the tunes I was playing.
So, this broadcast mainly features sounds that are recent editions to the MuhMur Collection. Mikko Aspa (of Nicole 12 / Grunt / Freak Animal Records fame) mailed me a copy of the Armon Kuilu LP. Very anonymous project with no titles or project information. I assume they / he  / she are from Finland but I don't know for sure. (Sneaking feeling it is Mikko himself), but it is one of the finest sounding albums I have heard this year. Same with the These Feathers Have Plumes / Isnaj Dui cassette on Was Ist Das? label. I hope you agree.
Licht-Ung made an inshore appearance at Electric Knife Records in London on Record Shop Day. I wish i could have been there, I wasn't so I played his single "Kristall". One of my favourite Drone Records releases.

Take a listen : (Copy + Paste) :

Playist :
01: Armon Kuilu : "Untitled" (Totuuden Sarvi Levyt) 2015.
02: These Feathers Have Plumes : "To Sleep" (Was Ist Das?) 2016.
03: These Feathers Have Plumes : "Sotto Living Room" (Was Ist Das?) 2016.
04: These Feathers Have Plumes : "Return II" (Was Ist Das?) 2016.
05: Nacht Und Nebel : "The Thousand Young" (Feral Debris) 2011.
06: Phantom Plastics : "All The Fucking Voices" (Phantom Archives) 2013.
07: Mudguts : "Pretty Slipping" (Invisible City Records) 2016.
08: Licht-Ung : "Kristall" (Drone Records) 2007.
09: Isnaj Dui : "Answers At Dawn" (Was Ist Das?) 2016.
10: I. Corax : "Nexion" (Freak Animal Records) 2000.
11: Armon Kuilu : "Untitled" (Totuuden Sarvi Levyt) 2015.
12: Comus : "Diana" (Castle Music) 2005.
13: John Foxx : "Film One" (Metal Beat/Virgin Records) 1980.
14: Human Larvae : "Psychosis/Epiphany/Exit" (Freak Animal Records) 2016.

The next broadcast will be on May 26 at 20:00 gmt. It will feature the subtle electronic sounds of Thorsten Soltau, including material especially commissioned for MuhMur Radio.

Friday, 15 April 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 14:04:2016.

Whilst playlisting this programme I was looking at the above flyer, it is framed and hanging on my wall next to the turntable and it suddenly clicked that this broadcast was quite close to "Record Store Day 2016. In fact 16th April 2011 was a Saturday too … so I decided to play the Dieter Müh track from "You're Playin' Like A Fuckin' Pub Band" a 6xC30 compilation release by The 7:17 From West Wittering Is Late Again" label. A release made especially for 2011 Record Store Day. Or RECORD SHOP DAY as it was called back then.
Of course, five years is a long time in Rock n' Roll. I always thought the idea of Record Shop Day, it's premise, was to get folk in to the shop, the independent record shop, to see what pleasures and treasures lie within and by doing so they could pick up a release that was only available for 12 hours or so from that shop. Or only available from independent record shops on that day. "You're Playin' Like A Fuckin' Pub Band" was only available on April 16 2011 from Second Layer Records, a fine but sadly now defunct record shop in Archway, North London.
2016 and Record Store Day is big news. BBC Radio 6 are celebrating it. Soon it will be as important as  shit on your boots at Glastonbury and the fucking awful Mercury Music Prize. You see those Wellington Boots over there, yeah, well I wore those at Glasto in 2009, that's actual Glasto mud on those boots there, yeah, I'm thinking of getting them framed. And now you don't even have to go in to a record shop (I think they're called Sainsbury's these days) to get a special "Record Store Day Only Release" because folk like Norman Records are selling there stock Mail Order.
A decent and honest idea to get folk more interested in leftfield independent releases and to get them in to record shops has been hijacked (the terrorist group, the, the, the, the terrorist group) by the multi corporates. One of the hilarious things I noticed - Norman Records are selling the 808 State 12" "Pacific" (RSD Exclusive) for £16. You can by a mint copy of the original on Discogs for 80 pence.

Anyway. Tonights broadcast featured some new arrivals at Hartop Towers. Copy + Paste.

01: The Dead Mauriacs : "King Albert Tower" (Not On Label) 2016.
02: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words : "Forgive/Forget/Regret" (Cloister Recordings US)
03: Dieter Müh : "(Extract From The Soundtrack) Burning Dogs Teeth" (The 7.17 From West
                              Wittering Is Late Again) 2011.
04: Aaron Dilloway & Bill Nace : "Untitled #3" (Open Mouth Records) 2016.
05: Ochu : "Substantial Relief" (Cipher Productions) 2015.
06: Mattias Gustafsson : "I Källaran Rumsterar De Dōda" (Hästen & Korset) 2016.
07: Early Hominids : "Gape" (Zanntone) 2013.
08: Iibis Rooge : "Hespherides (Side A)" (Weird Forest Records) 2012.
09: Arkhe : "Inhumu" (Kàfe Kaos) 2016.
10: Pecus : "Flecks" (There's A Dolphin Talkin' To Me) 2007.
11: Throbbing Gristle : "Secluded" (Industrial Records) 2009.

The Dead Mauriacs track is from  private CDR released by the band / project to hear it in its' full glory please visit : Also, if anyone has any information about the project Pecus then please let me know. "Flecks" comes from a 3" CDR and I have no idea where I get it from or who gave it to me (back in 2007). Any information will be gratefully received.

Next broadcast is April 28. 20:00 gmt. 102.5 FM or live stream at and then there will be a months respite before we start up again on May 26 with some exclusive sounds from Thorsten Soltau, followed on June 6 by No Intentions "Special"!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 31:03:2016.

The radio station studio is coming to a close, SoundArt is moving premises. It will still be in the grounds of the Dartington Hall Estate. We are moving back in to the "Space Studios". A larger space with the prospect of recording live performances and holding large discussion groups and workshops. Exciting times. April will be the last month in the present studio - which is quite a shame as now the lighter and considerably warmer nights are upon us the view from the studio out across the Moors will be gone. I think in the new studio there is a balcony that looks out across the gardens and the White Hart Inn (Country Decor - London Prices).
Tonights programme features some Demo Recordings from Appliance. Recordings dating from 1997 - 2000 and including the session they recorded for XFM Radio back in 1997.
Appliance were an Exeter based three-piece post rock band that existed from 1995 - 2003. After a string of self released and independent label released singles they signed to Mute Records. I came across their sound in 2001 and the excellent "Imperial Metric" album. (Their second for Mute Records).  Excellent crystal clear Motorik Krautrock influenced pieces. They also recorded five sessions for John Peel. In 2003 the guitarist James went solo with his Land Observations project, and Michael (Bass and Electronics) recorded with The Duds and played live with and produced Dieter Müh.
Recently Michael and Dave (Drums) have been posting old recordings on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Copy + Paste :

01: Appliance : "Derailleur" (Demo Version) 1999.
02: Appliance : "Elektra" (Demo Version) 1999.
03: Lithops : "Uni Umit #5" (Sonig Records) 1998.
04: Extnddntwrk : "Lay By" (Fort Evil Fruit) 2015.
05: Geniuser : "Ambition" (Phisteria) 2009.
06: Appliance : "Homing Devices" (Demo Version) 1999.
07: Circuit Breaker : "Evolve / Repeat" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
08: Lust For Youth : "Modern Life" (Sacred Bones Records) 2012.
09: Devo : "Praying Hands" (Virgin Records) 1993.
10: Coco Bryce : "Haram Abi" (MYOR) 2016.
11: Appliance : "This Is The Place" (Demo Version) 1997.
12: Simon Joyner : "After The Goldrush" (WFMU) 2011.
13: Land Observations : "VIAE (In C Major)" (Enraptured) 2011.
14: La STPO : "La Sociétè Des Timides À La Parade Dea Oiseaux (Thisco) 2010.
15: Appliance : "Personal Stereo (Take 1)" (Demo Version) 2000.
16: Ekoplekz : "Zone Stikz" (More Than Human) 2014.
17: Erik Aschan : "En Vanlig Onsdavåll" (Hibiskofon) 2014.
18: The Monochrome Set : "Private Dick" (Cherry Red Records) 1995.
19: Clock DVA : "Beautiful Losers" (Relativity Records) 1983.
20: Clock DVA : "Black Angels Death Song" (Relativity Records) 1983.
21: Appliance : "Outer" (XFM) 1997.
22: Appliance : "Mach One" (XFM) 1997.
23: Appliance : "I.K.B." (XFM) 1997.
24: Appliance : "Number 3 Channel Is Clear" (XFM) 1997.
25: The Karies : "Meine Nacht In Der U-Bahn" (Harbinger Sound) 2016.
26: The Lines : "Insticticide" (Acute Records) 2000.
27: Appliance : "Food Music" (Mute Records) 1999.
28: Appliance : "Throwing A Curve Ball" (Mute Records) 1999.

The next broadcast is April 14.

01: Appliance Art.
02: View from a studio.
03: Appliance (James, Michael, David).

Friday, 25 March 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Broadcast 17:03:2016.

Sorry for the delay in writing this. There are excuses like soon after the radio programme I went to London to play a gig with Vicky Langan & Aaron Dilloway and as soon as I got back it was straight into work and early evenings, but these are only excuses and I do apologise.

It was because I was going to London to be part of the Aaron Dilloway Residency at Cafe OTO I decided to build a playlist of tracks by groups / artists / projects that I (as Dieter Müh) have supported or shared the bill (and rider).

Here's the link : Please copy + paste.

01: Current 93 : "A Visit To Dogland" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1985.
02: Ingrid Engarås : "Porch" (Firework Edition Records) 2003.
03: Soviet France : "The Death Of Trees" (Charrm) 1990.
04: Dusa : "Segermånnen-Linja" (Hibiskofon) 2013.
05: Prurient : "Aluminium Armor" (Dot Dot Dot Music) 2009.
06: Z'ev : "V2=U2-2 (Excerpt)" (Cold Spring Records) 2013.
07: The Anti Group : "Sunset Eyes Through Water" (Side Effects) 1994.
08: SSHE Retina Stimulants : "Blue Spinning Epidemic" (Harbinger Sound) 1999.
09: Ora : "Untitled" (Kaon) 1997.
10: Chthonic Force : "Mouth Pigs" (Zos Kia Sounds) 1999.
11: Bad Sector : "Old Europa On Air" (Old Europa Cafe) 2008.
12: BBBlood : "Berlin Iridescence" (Mourning Glory) 2006.
13: Nocturnal Emissions : "Tanks In Gdansk" (Klanggalerie) 2008.
14: Genocide Organ : "130 Degrees" (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
15: Contrastate : "The Fingers Of My Foot" (Tesco Organisation) 1992.

The SSHE Retina Stimulants track comes from the unreleased compilation LP "Standing Still Like A Hummingbird" that was to be released in 2000 by Harbinger Sound.
Next broadcast is on March 31 and will feature unheard demos from Appliance.

01: Alchemy.
02: Preparing.
03: The following programme "Honey For Your Ears" starts up - it's all on his laptop y'know … Dave and Nathan look on.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 03:03:2016

This broadcast features some work in progress and unreleased material from Bristol based artist Daniel Bennett. A few weeks ago I bought the Daniel Bennett and Stephen Cornford album "Fellfield Draff" on Hideous Replica and immediately recognised it as a classic so I got in touch with Daniel. He has quite a cannon of work available including his work in Hunting Lodge (the UK version) and Xulsigiae and his solo project Skjølbrot. All information is here:

Playlist : 
01: Cabaret Voltaire : "Obsession" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
02: Aaron Dilloway : "Opened Door (Side A)" (Chondritic Sound) 2013.
03: Daniel Bennett + Stephen Cornford : "Field" (Hideous Replica) 2016.
04: Zen Zsigo : "Eye Contact" (Strange Rules/Kiks/GFR) 2016.
05: Skjølbrot : "Rue Victor To Gare D'Austerlitz" (Children Of Jermyn) 2010.
06: Toy Bizarre : "CCV" (Pure) 1996.
07: Anemone Tube + Dave Phillips : "Tojinbo-Tranquil Sea Of Equiniminity" (Raubbau) 2016.
08: Dale Cornish & Phil Julian : "North London Shouting" (The Tapeworm) 2014.
09: Daniel Bennett : "Roil #1" (Not On Label) 2016.
10: Daniel Bennett : "For Piano, Phono Cartridge And Speaker" (Not On Label) 2016.
11: Stephen Cornford : "Quartet #4" (Senufo Editions) 2012.
12: Putrefier : "Sonicthrashelectronicasmith" (Birthbiter) 1999.
13: Anemone Tube : "L'Homme Et Les Sirènes (Raubbau) 2016.
14: No Xivic : "Sieni" (Drone Records) 2003.
 Please copy & paste :

Next programme is March 17.

Friday, 19 February 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 18:02:2016.

A freezing night on the Dartington Estate, starry filled cloudless sky and bright shining moon capturing the falling frost. All with the backdrop of Dartmoor led to a quite Occult-Themed playlist. Also I wanted to spin the new releases from Genocide Organ (tracks here are from the new LP "Obituary Of the Americas"), and Trepaneringsritualen (tracks here from the new split LP with Body Cargo).
Expect some exclusive material from Body Cargo in the upcoming weeks.

It was good to have Dave back at the helm as engineer and master fader slider and a surprise visit from Nathan (aka Extra Stereo).

01: Den Arkaiska Rōsten : "Programme O"  (Beläten) 2014.
02: 23 Skidoo : "Gregouka"  (Pineapple Records/Fetish Records) 1982.
03: Grey Park : "Small Black Paris"  (Kaos Kontrol) 2000.
04: Genocide Organ : "Operacion Causa Justa"  (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
05: Genocide Organ : "Kaibil"  (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
06: Genocide Organ : "Tudo Par La Patria"  (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
07: Body Cargo : "Black Smoke Obelisks"  (Terror/Cipher Productions) 2012.
08: Post Scriptvm : "The Binding"  (The Epicurean) 2015.
09: Post Scriptvm : "Abortion Of Memory"  (The Epicurean) 2015.
10: Korpses Katatonik : "Shatok"  (Nekrophile Rekords) 1983.
11: K11 : "418"  (Aurora Borealis) 2008.
12: Netzach : "Enemy"  (Membrum Debile Propaganda) 1997.
13: Negative Midas Touch : "Class III"  (NMT-Self Released) 2015.
14: Syvatoslav Lunyov : "Introit"  (Quasi Pop Records) 2006.
15: Trepaneringsritualen : "Unclæna Ghost"  (Autarkeia) 2016.
16: Trepaneringsritualen : "Gravfärd"  (Autarkeia) 2016.
17: Trepaneringsritualen : "Death Worship"  (Autarkeia) 2016.
18: Lustmord : "Photoplasmic Reversion" (Side Effects Records) 1992.

Please copy & paste :

Next programme will be on March 03.

01: Sylvie + Friend.
02: Mr. ExtraStereo.
03: Dave Mutch.

Friday, 5 February 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 04:02:2016.

A strange thing happened on the way to the studio .. I was waiting for 18:43 to Totnes and all points south when I heard my name called out from the platform. I had bumped in to Simon Jarvis, my very old friend from 1980's Lincoln. I haven't seen Simon for a couple of years, and over the past five or six (great band) years keep meeting in some strange places across South Devon. Simon was on his way back to Modbury (via Ivybridge), for those reading this who know Simon - he is well and has left his laptop on a train heading for Scotland.
Tonights programme features new recordings by Manchester based group Primitive Knot. All 4 tracks can be found somewhere across the Internet on bandcamp, soundcloud and Facebook. Directions can be found at www.primitive Also included in the mix are three new pieces by Greater Manchester based project Salford Electronics. S.E. is operated by for Grey Wolves mastermind DAP. (Dave Padbury). As far as I know Salford Electronics haven't released anything "physical" as yet but there are download tracks available on the Internet.
With a nod to the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Cabaret Voltaire nightclub in Zurich I played some tracks by Cabaret Voltaire. 
Please Copy & Paste.

01: Cabaret Voltaire : "Eddie's Out" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
02: Primitive Knot : "Get Yr Psych On" (Not On Label) 2016.
03: Non : "Total War" (Mute Records) 1997.
04: The Cramps : "Primitive" (I.R.S. Records) 1981.
05: Primitive Knot : "Do It Like A Shaman" (Not On Label) 2016.
06: Primitive Knot : "Spirit (Where Is Your)" (Not On Label) 2016.
07: Zeni Geva : "When I Was On Horseback" (Skin Graft Records) 1993.
08: Salford Electronics : "Reverenge" (Not On Label) 2016.
09: Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia : "(Original) Dust" (Pi Recordings) 1994.
10: Primitive Knot : "Toppling Off An Axis Falling Into Space" (Not On Label) 2016.
11: Salford Electronics : "End Times" (Not On Label) 2016.
     (Exclusive piece produced for MuhMur Radio).
12: Ensemble Skalectrik : "The Bianchi Code" (Feral Tapes) 2012.
13: The Passage : "Taboos" (Cherry Red Records) 1981.
14: Salford Electronics : "Purge" (Not On Label) 2016.
15: Solar Enemy : "Massive Radiation" (Third Mind Records) 1991.
16: Portion Control : "The Great Divide" (Portion Control.Net) 2006.
17: Cabaret Voltaire : "Crackdown 12mx" (Virgin Records) 2001.

The next broadcast will be on February 18th. Please keep an eye on the MuhMur Radio Facebook page or Twitter page for details.

01: Simon Jarvis.
02: DaDaMan.
03: Chris Booth (the getaway driver).
04: Message from DAP.