Friday, 22 August 2014

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 21/08/2014.

This MuhMur Radio programme features a sneak preview of the soon to be released Konstruktivists album "Anarchic Arcadia", as well as a rifle through the back catalogue of Glenn Wallis. Please copy & paste and take a listen here:

I am uncertain about the next programme - due to be broadcast on September 4 as I will not be in Torbay but please take a listen as I am certain something will be sorted! (Or join the MuhMur Radio Facebook page to keep updated).

01: C.T.I. : "Hammer House" (Conspiracy International) 1984.
02: Konstruktivists : "Sin & Sinners" 2014.
     (from the forthcoming album "Anarchic Arcadia").
03: Bushido : "False Prophets = False Profits (Concrete Mix)" (Third Mind Records) 1985.
04: Konstruktivists : "Is This You" 2014.
     (form the forthcoming album "Anarchic Arcadia").
05: Vagina Dentata Organ : "Sex Dub" (Vinyl On Demand) 2009.
06: Portion Control : "Simulate Sensual" (In Phaze Records) 1984.
07: Konstruktivists : "Blowpipe Assassins 2" (Vinyl On Demand) 2009.
08: Konstruktivists : "Victim Of Evidence" 2014.
     (from the forthcoming album "Anarchic Arcadia").
09: Bushido : "Question Of Identity" (Third Mind Records) 1985.
10: Konstruktivists : "Kon II" 2014.
     (from the forthcoming album "Anarchic Arcadia").
11: Whitehouse : "Peter Kurten" (Come Organisation) 1982.
12: Konstruktivists : "The Waiting Room" 2014.
     (from the forthcoming album "Anarchic Arcadia").
13: Konstruktivists : "Black On Black" (Vinyl On Demand) 2013.
14: M:S:B:R & Blazen Y Sharp : "Flax Black Spit" (MSBR Records/Gender Less Kibbutz) 1998.
15: Praying For Oblivion : "The Fear Experiments 1" (Final Judgement) 2000.
16: Bad Sector : "October 4, 1957" (Power & Steel) 2013.
17: Blind Amongst The Flowers : "Dementia Americana" (Snarling Red) 1987.
18: Spacemarker : "Impossible Geometry" (Sentrax Corp/Invisible Records) 1998.
19: One Gang Logic : "Alienate (Kafka Laughs)" (Stark Product) 1979.
20: Throbbing Gristle : "Five Knuckle Shuffle" (Adolescent Records) 1981.

Thanks for listening.
01: DJ in the chair.
02: A visit from the SoundArt bosses! Chris & Lucinda. (keeping an eye on proceedings).

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Culver #2

I have never purposely gone out to collect Culver releases - to do so would be nigh on impossible - but I seem to have a large volume of his work in my collection. Over the past few years Culver have released material on a variety of UK based labels such as Pjorn 72, Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, Turgid Animals, Sick Head, Harbinger Sound, Blow The Reactors, Cosmic Slumber, Beartown Records, At War With False Noise, Blackest Rainbow as well as great labels such as RRRecords, Phage Tapes and Hyster Tapes as well as putting stuff out on his own imprint; Matching Head. Quite prolific.
The latest addition to my ever growing Culver collection is the biblically entitled C46 cassette "Prophecy Of The Black Spider" on London based Mantile Records. Two 23 minute untitled pieces. Side A sounding like a huge industrial spring vibrating through a myriad of reverb effect pedals, thus creating a bed of lo-fi low end bass rumblings. There is the random sound of a klaxon horn but all in all it is a bed of lo-fi rumblings and vibration. The piece just cuts dead too - no ending in site, just runs out of tape. I hate that!!
Side B kind of starts where Side A ended with a noise. A black thick syrupy sludge of noise which ( as you get settled in for twenty odd minutes of listening to a sound that is similar to trekking miles through swampwater) ends to be replaced by a crystal clear guitar, guitar playing backwards and forwards, notes being held and sustained, plucked and bowed building into an orchestral drone. It all becomes rather pleasant.

This cassette is devoid of information (as many are these days), but I do know it is limited to 50 copies and available through Mantile.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

BBBlood #7

It was way back in 2009 that I first came across the work of BBBlood. I saw an advert on some noise forum board for the split release with the American project Al Qieda. two new names to me and on a new label called Trans-Dimensional Sushi. I liked the artwork (by Stan Reed) so I bought the single and thus began my aural love affair with all things BBBlood. A year later I was supporting the chap at a venue called The Others in Stoke Newington (London) watching him fold contact mic's into bubble wrap and eat them. Wonderful and exciting stuff.
Releases have been few and far between these past few months, or perhaps I am just catching up with the output? But one thing is now apparent, BBBlood has become quite prolific and unpredictable in sound. It has been fascinating to hear the BBBlood sound diversify and progress.
"Untitled" (how original) is the latest BBBlood release on Beartown Records. A C30 tape complete with vellum insert. Four tracks are listed but each side plays like one long piece, Side one is like the onset of madness where everything is blurred yet crystal clear in thoughts, action and sounds … Quiet suffering, apologetic cutlery, the flicker of empty film spools, waiting for the night bus on Gunnersbury High Street … Hallucination Password.
Side two begins with junk noise played at high speed and very high volume. Train wreck electronics that come of the rails leaving silence and the sound of a Tibetan Bowl being struck in the distance. The sounds try to rise phoenix like from the wreckage not to recover but short circuit and continue along the wire ..
Wonderful stuff, both sides are totally attention grabbing. BBBlood runs a blog and Beartown have a website, both are easy to find via Google (or Bing).
I think it is only a matter of time that (like Putrefier is now Mark Durgan and Cheapmachines is Phil Julian) the Baron Bum Blood himself becomes Paul Watson. (Gut feeling……great song).

01: "Untutled" Sleeve.
02: Vellum Insert.
03: BBBlood in Islington earlier this year.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I have just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Nottingham based project W>A>S>P>S. "OBST" is a CDR on Blood Diamond Music.
Last week I noticed this release on Discogs and saw it was limited to just 10 copies. I thought the chance of me getting hold of a copy would be slim but contacted the label direct and within days it was in my hands (and ears) and for the princely sum of two pounds. Blood Diamond Music is a UK based label and a splinter project from Blue Spectrum Tapes and operated by Simon D. Wilson. All new to me. The release was originally to be a cassette release but due to a shortage of funds it has come out on CDR with the cassette sleeve folded inside and the labels stuck to the CDR. Looks quite impressive.
I already have a few releases from W>A>S>P>S and the main man behind the project Ben Hallett. he also operates as Murder Cult, Kay Hill and S.C.K.E.// - all of which have been mentioned and discussed in the past. "OBST" is (I think) the fourth in a series called "Obsession Tapes" and is 17 minutes long. Both pieces are untitled with the first being the sound of amp noise speeding through the hemisphere. A very tense piece that sounds like the rape of an analogue KORG sequencer. Excellent stuff, sounding as if it could have been released by Broken Flag 30 years ago, but at the same time not sounding dated. The closest I can think is early MNEM or some Culver sounds. The second piece is the shorter of the two. An incredibly anxious piece with contact mic'ery afoot. The sound of tearing paper through effects and a random sequencer pattern is the main body of sound until some shifting / shuffling kind of buries the sound so all that is left is a random pulse. Brilliant stuff, a stand out piece. I suppose it is similar to the work of GX Jupitter-Larsen…nowt wrong with that.
Being limited to ten copies chances are that they're all sold by now but worth asking? (Copy & Paste):

Simon also included a few more of his releases in the package, none of them to the standard of W>A>S>P>S unfortunately. R.J. Myato & Carl Krugers' "The Jefferson Bible" is just bad noise and pretty pointless and "Modular Demo" by Headboggle baffled me on first play. One for the readers of The Wire I think, with improvised electronics approaching academia. One piece had some nice loops building but they all cut short and go off into unlistenable nerdings and tweaks as if the artist(s) had no idea of the capabilities or control over the synthesisers, and thus reminding me of the monkeys and the typewriters trying to write Shakespeare. The second piece is pretty similar but (thankfully) less abrasive. Both releases are limited to 15 copies.
Also enclosed was a CDR from Knox Mitchell - the chap who tried to rip me off last year through his Green Tapes label and fictitious releases, and when mentioned on this blog and the Special Interests forum board it seems he has a global rip-off label and seems to be quite proud of it - non apologetic anyway. Needless to say the sounds are bedroom wankery and the CDR has been destroyed - therefore this is a limited to 14 only release - and you'd be a fool to buy!

Hunt out W>A>S>P>S releases …

Monday, 18 August 2014

MyTrip/EUS #2.

In 2012 I bought a tape via the "Special Interests" classified ads. A split release between Bulgarian project MyTrip and Costa Rican project EUS. At the time my knowledge of Bulgarian music was an old tape of Les Mysteries De Voix Bulgares and my knowledge of Costa Rican electronic noise was nil. At the time the MyTrip side blew my socks off - great dronescapes - whilst the EUS side was amateurish and tiresome, I never completed the 30 minute track. Since then I have followed the release path of MyTrip and their main protagonist Angel Simitchiev and some of his "side projects" such as Mother Spit and Z'ev Died Orchestra (it's a Star Trek reference, nowt to do with the industrial percussionist). My thoughts on these and his recent UK live appearance are littered throughout this blog.
I was a little surprised to learn that MyTrip had paired up again with Costa Rican outfit EUS for another cassette release, but as a collector of all things Simitchiev I had to buy. The self-titled split is on the Toulouse based BLWBCK label and like the first is a C60 cassette.
EUS is the project of Jose Acuña, assisted here be cellist Oliver Barrett. In two years EUS have improved and progressed, they sound like a totally different project to the 2012 release. One 27 minute piece called "Reviraje (Parts I-VII)" is a celestial symphony, a masterpiece of droneworks. Orchestral in sound with swirling strings creating a heavenly mosaic, masterly in construction - especially when the sounds suddenly drop into a solo cello before slowly ascending back into the heavens. Fantastic stuff. Part VII comes in a few seconds a the end of the tape … sounding like a section from the "Eraserhead" soundtrack. Whereas before hearing this piece I would not listen to EUS again - now I want to hear more.
MyTrip give us two pieces. "Life" with its windswept post-apocalyptic barren landscape feel is similar to the Mother Spit 3"CDR. "Less" is more sinister. More eerie, starting off at a very low place before rising out of the primordial soup and presenting a whirlpool of noise. At parts the sounds reminded me of T.A.G.c. and their ambiosonic research material and the ending is very "EVP" with its' disembodied voices notes from a seance type sounds. It does get rather messy at the end … but this is a great tape, well worth hunting out. Limited to 66 copies. Go to

Friday, 15 August 2014


Noted and commented upon on other websites and blogs, Leeds seems to have become some new epicentre for a creative subcultural movement. (or "scene" if you prefer). For the past few months there seems to have been a burst of activity supported by such labels as Sheepscar Light Industrial, Smokers Gift, Music Mundane, Kirkstall Dark Matter, Angurosakuson and up until quite recently Hairdryer Excommunication. H.E. haven't ceased just upped and moved operations to Bath. There also seems to be regular events at a venue called Wharf Chambers which seems to be the local for Neil Campbell & Paul Walsh (aka Astral Social Club + Foldhead who now, alongside Ashtray Navigations seem to the Leeds "old guard"). Leeds has, of course, thrived before, I am old enough to remember days of the Fan Club, Fforde Green and the Futurama Festivals at the Queens Hall. Great Leeds bands like Gang Of Four, The Mekons, The Vye (they had a residency at Lincoln AJ's!) and the mighty Alwoodly Jets! And as I have learnt - everything moves in a cycle; "What goes around comes around" and vice versa. (not from Leeds).
T.S.T. is the combined project from three of the above mentioned labels. Ap Martlett from Kirkstall Dark Matters, Kevin Sanders from Hairdryer Excommunication and Daniel Thomas from Sheepscar Light Industrial. "The Spoken Truth" is their second release this year following the 3"CDR "Tsim Sha Tsui" (Sheepscar Light Industrial 026), this release is on Hairdryer Excommunication. "The Spoken Truth" is an 18 minute soundscape that simply floats along creating an all encompassing warm hum with vibrations and oscillations. It is a great surround sound and as comfortable as an old thick hand knitted cardigan. Meditative and cotemplatory, lost in time, lost in music - a great release.
I don't know how these releases are recorded whether it is performed live or whether each participant records their piece and mails it on down the line. It is not too dissimilar from each artists solo projects (I am playing the Petals latest cassette release on Beartown Records whilst typing this).
It's a great release that is unfortunately sold out on Cdr but is still available for download via the Hairdryer Excommunication website: Essential and worth every penny.
Hopefully there'll be third release later this year on Kirkstall Dark Matters.